If you listen to your origins They will speak to you…

If you listen to your origins, they will help you understand the product better.

« Maturing cannot be understood without a profound knowledge of cheese. Cheese results from two transformations: first the transformation of milk into curds then that of curds into cheese. The second transformation, in French, is called “Affinage.”

Affinage enables us to develop textures, aromas, flavors and rinds. Without the maturing process, the uniqueness and characteristics of each cheese cannot be revealed. As far as Hervé Mons is concerned, this is his definition of the maturing process… »

Maturing results from a complex alchemy between atmosphere, place and time.
There are three decisive elements: water, air and temperature.

When we are maturing a cheese, we are rearing it, we are leading it towards its second life. It requires delicate and appropriate care in relation to the family and the region the cheese belongs to; wood, straw, stone and soil are our allies. They help us maintain the various atmospheres of our cellars.

This living world has a very fragile balance and requires constant vigilance.

Maturing requires feeling first and foremost. Some people may have the knowledge but if they do not have the feeling, then the maturing process will not take place as it should.

Affinage des fromages sur des plateaux en bois